Every person a unique way of thinking,
everyone over the years has had their own ideas to express the EMME ARREDI
passion and the desire to achieve your dreams.
How we work
To create a work of art, we follow the stages necessary for us:
  • survey,
  • 3D project, built with the latest interior design programs,
  • meeting with the client,
  • choice of materials,
  • performance of the work,
  • assembly,
  • final revision,

Emme makes its furniture using only high quality raw materials such as walnut, cherry, oak, ebony, rosewood and bois de rose to create high-quality, hand-crafted furniture, to give life to your décor and redecorate your home with style and design.




The kitchen is the soul of the house; based on the customer's requirements, we offer the highest quality materials and varnishes with finishes from antique to brushed, polished to matte, for the most modern to the most classic looks.
Living room


The finest material, colors and finishing give your living room a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.


A nest in which to seek refuge, with the sophistication of small but important details completing our best work.


We are always looking for solutions, style and choice of materials that complement the perfect choice for your bathroom.
Wine Cellar


Furnishing the wine cellar becomes an art, with impeccable attention to every detail.


Our state of the art machinery, the proprietor’s availability for surveys and our reliability allow the best image for your rooms.